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To learn more about MetoKote and the many advantages they offer, please contact a sales representative.

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Searching for an organization that provides the freedom to make an impact?

MetoKote is the world's largest provider of custom coating solutions. We have reached a level of success at which many companies would rest on their laurels. Not MetoKote.

Through the experience and expertise of our team members, we are expanding our customer base around the world. We continually seek employees who seize opportunity, embrace independence and accept accountability for their actions. Are you ready to take the MetoKote challenge?


You are driven. The desired purpose is always present in your mind. You capture every OPPORTUNITY to achieve greatness and make a difference. You are MetoKote.

At MetoKote, we require employees who will work hard to provide first-class customer satisfaction. After all, that's what drives business success. We encourage employees to take advantage of any OPPORTUNITY that will help them reach their goals.


You like to make the tough call. You enjoy having the authority to make decisions based on what you feel is right. The thought of real INDEPENDENCE speeds your pulse. You are MetoKote.

We have found that customers cannot always wait for a decision, a change or a result. MetoKote's history and commitment is to do whatever it takes to satisfy customers. We provide our employees with the INDEPENDENCE to do just that.


You want to know when the job has been done well and when it didn't go as expected. You take ACCOUNTABILITY for your actions and understand that in business, results matter more than intentions. You are MetoKote.

As empowered decision makers, MetoKote team members take ACCOUNTABILITY for the results they achieve. Our employees know how to adjust for shifts in economies and industry. We need employees who take charge and fulfill promises.

Everyday individuals around the globe are accepting the MetoKote challenge. How about you? Are you ready to seize opportunity, embrace independence and accept accountability? If so, view our job openings now!