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Parts Finished With Electrocoating Process

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The MetoKote Electrocoating (e-coat) process offers you many advantages. Those advantages start with an appropriate pretreatment, move on to careful electrocoating, and finish with thermal curing.

More industries than ever before are selecting electrocoating for the following reasons: Excellent Finish Quality, High Productivity, Cost-Effectiveness, High-Efficiency, and Versatile Technology Options.

In addition, electrocoating offers an "environomic" solution-no heavy metals, no HAPS and low VOCs.

The MetoKote Equipment Division designs, builds and installs the majority of MetoKote's coating production and support equipment, providing customers with: Quick Response Time, Specialized Coating Systems and Processes, High Production Capability, Versatile Equipment Options, Large and Small Part Capability.

Selecting the proper pretreatment is essential to ensure coating success. The MetoKote pretreatment process features many options to meet most OEM specifications including: Zinc Phosphate, Iron Phosphate, Impeller and Air Blasters, Chrome Conversion Coatings, Chrome and Non-Chrome Sealers.

Electrocoating provides an excellent base for a variety of topcoats. It provides an incredible "dual application advantage," creating a more decorative and durable finish. As a premier coatings applicator, MetoKote provides the technology, leadership and ability to do both processes in-house, serving a broad spectrum of industries and specifications.

Substrates Electrocoated: Cold Rolled/Hot Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Iron Castings, Zinc Castings, Copper/Brass, Conductive Composites, Aluminum Extrusions and Castings, Rare Earth Magnets (NdFeB), NiZn Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, and Chrome Plate.

Electrocoating readily conforms to complex configurations and yet maintains engineered tolerances on parts ensuring intended operating functions. Some examples include: Internal Surfaces, Deep Recesses, Weldments, Fasteners, Small Parts, Large Parts, Uniform Coating- No Sags or Runs.

Whatever the coating objective, if it can be met with electrocoating, powder coating, liquid painting or a combination, you can trust the protective coating specialists at MetoKote. To take advantage of the complete MetoKote process, from research and development to delivery, call (419) 996-7800 today. Electrocoating from start to finish, "We Protect What's Important to You."

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