Coating Technologies

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Powder Coating process

Liquid Painting process

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Coating Technologies

MetoKote, a pioneer in advanced coating technologies, continually works to improve our applications and procedures through rigorous research and development processes. Our leadership is proven time and time again with the development of processes, equipment and with our high level of commitment to the customer.

MetoKote offers a line of coating technologies to meet every industry need:


One of our versatile coating technologies is electrocoating (e-coat). E-coat is a method of painting which uses electrical current to deposit the paint. The fundamental physical principle of e-coat is that materials with opposite electrical charges attract each other. The e-coat process can be used as a primer in which the part can then be coated with either liquid or powder topcoat materials or e-coat can serve as the topcoat itself. Regardless of the use of the e-coat application, MetoKote's process and experience prove to be successful with this coating technology.

Powder Coating

MetoKote also offers powder coating as a coating technology. Powder coating is different from painting in that there are no liquids or solvents making it the ultimate coating technology for environmental concerns. Being dry, the powder overspray can be reclaimed for an efficient application process. Powder coating uses heat to convert its state from a fine powder into a continuous film and offers a variety of color and decorative options. MetoKote has revolutionized powder coating technology. With proven experience and processes, the experts at MetoKote can solve any coating need.

Liquid Paint

Liquid painting offers features that are not necessarily available from powder or electrocoat coating technologies. Color change capability is a major advantage to liquid painting. Liquid systems can be easily designed for quick color changes in one booth. In addition, liquid paint gives you the option to mix color selections to a given specification. Another advantage to liquid paint is its versatility. Liquid paint can be used as a primer, a base, an intermediate or as a topcoat. Because liquid paint is so versatile, it is also very practical. Liquid paint can serve to meet a variety of coating needs.